Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Henry Sy is an honourable man

(My apologies to William Shakespeare)

Friends, fellow Baguio citizens, countrymen, lend me your ears; 
I come to bury mother nature, not to praise her.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with our mother.

The noble Henry Sy hath told you nature is dispensable:
If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
And grievously hath mother nature answer'd it.
Here, under leave of Henry Sy and the rest--
For Henry Sy is an honourable man;
So are they all, all honourable men--
Come I to speak Mother nature's funeral.

She was my friend, faithful and just to me:
But Henry Sy says she was dispensable;
And Henry Sy is an honourable man.
She hath provided us with air to breathe 
clean water to quench our thirst
protected us from storms  
Did this in Mother Nature seem needless?

When that the poor have cried, Mother Nature hath wept:
Necessities should be made of sterner stuff:
Yet Henry Sy says she was dispensable ;
And Henry Sy is an honourable man.

I speak not to disprove what Henry Sy spoke,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
You all did love her once, not without cause:
What cause withholds you then, to mourn for her?
O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
And men have lost their reason.
Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin there with Mother Nature,
And I must pause till it come back to me.

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